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Beth is the birdhouse chick

Born in 2008, TheBirdhouseChick has curated some of the most unique birdhouses and bird feeders you'll find. The majority are proudly made in the USA, and if we wouldn't use it, feed it, or have it in our own yard... you won't find it here!
Most items ship within 48 hours, and we recycle boxes and packing materials whenever possible, we hope you'll do the same.

Personal, old fashion customer service is our top priority - your satisfaction is guaranteed. You're more than a number, your business is truly appreciated and we want to see you back again soon.

We give each order individual attention - unlike most companies utilizing huge fulfillment centers for their processing. If we have a question, you'll actually hear from us. If you've got a special request - just let us know! And should you ever have a question about anything offered, please give us a call - we're here to help and someone will actually reply in a timely manner. If your purchase is not to your satisfaction, just let us know that too, and we'll make it right. See our testimonials for some stellar customer service.

Showcasing smaller companies and individual artisans who have a passion for wild birds, their designs reflect superior quality. Offering unusually fun products, our mission is to introduce more folks to the awesome hobby of backyard birding, it's really quite addictive.

We believe biodiversity hangs in the balance - and wild birds play an important role in our evironment's overall health. With the alarming destruction of natural habitat, stewardship of the land and its bounties couldn't be more crucial. Because everything is connected in nature, a collective conscience is required. The alternative is grim, with more species becoming extinct and resources depleted. The quality of life for future generations depends on it. 

Proud business sponsor of the Hummingbird Society, and a member of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Audubon Society. A National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat can be found at our place too.

Backyard birding reaps great rewards: the connection with nature is a de-stressor from everyday activities and chaos. There's an intangible pleasure found in that connection by mainstream America and around the world. By creating an inviting habitat within your landscape (even on your apartment balcony), you afford birds an oasis that enhances your surroundings as well.

E-Cards or electronic gift certificates are superior and hassle-free gifts for any nature enthusiast. We're ever-evolving with new artists whose unique wares are a good fit for wild birds, so check back often!

National Wildlife Federation    Audubon Society   Proud Business Sponsor for The Hummingbird Society
 Teaming with Wildlife CoalitionCornell Lab of Ornithology

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