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Staked & Pedestal Baths

Unique Bird Baths in Staked and Pedestal Designs
Fresh water attracts more birds... it's a well known fact! Entice new visitors to your place and keep them coming back with tall or short pedestal baths. Add some moving water for an ultimate oasis, with soothing sights and sounds for all. Find unusual handcrafted bird baths to complement your garden and create a very bird-friendly habitat today!

Unique Pedestal Bird Baths in Copper, Ceramics and More

Pedestal Bird Baths add a unique focal point to any setting, while attracting more songbirds. Offering diverse design choices, you'll find handcrafted copper bird baths, ceramics, glass and poly-stone, with quality to ensure many seasons of use and enjoyment.

Solar fountain bird baths are like bird magnets, and hummingbirds especially love moving water. Already have a favorite bird bath you're using? Check out our fountains and accessories to entice more feathered friends.

Please Note: Pedestal and Staked Bird Baths to West Coast incur additional freight. CA, WA, OR add $20.