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Cathedral Bat House-3 Sizes

Cathedral Bat House with Single, Double or Triple Chamber is handcrafted from sturdy, reclaimed red barn wood.

Transforming aging structures one hundred plus years old, each bat house is created as individual artwork and refuge for bats.

Beneficial brown bats consume thousands of insects each night, greatly reducing mosquito populations around your property. One of nature's crucial pollinators as well, you can entice them with a proper bat shelter for roosting.

Three large chambers accommodate approximately 275-300 bats. An artistic combination of function and style, each piece varies slightly.

Complete with hanger and ready to mount on a pole, 4x4 post, building or tree. South or Southeast exposure is best.
Recommended height is 12 to 20 feet high.

Organization for Bat Conservation Approved
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Measures 24 tall x 17 wide x 10 deep
Item Weight 10 lb. (approximately)
Material: Wood
Handmade USA.
Oversize item incurs $15. rate