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Mason Bee Lodge

Give Mason Bees their very own Lodge to call home!

Considered peaceful pollinators, mason bees are the mellow ones who help orchards and gardens flourish. Because they have no queen to guard, it's a rare occasion when one stings.

With smaller size and blue-black color, Mason Bees' only purpose is to pollinate and reproduce. Tall Bee Lodge is handmade of durable redwood, offering 40 nest sites that are actually used for over-wintering as well. Back panel has key-hole hanger for easy installation.

Place the Mason Bee Lodge in a quiet sunny spot, about 5-6 ft. from ground. As their population grows, simply add more bee habitats to help them thrive. Fruit, vegetable and flower gardens will grow full and lush!

Measures 11.5" tall x 5.0" wide x 5.0" deep
Item Weight 4.0 lb.
Material: Cedar
USA Made