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Decorative Dovecote Birdhouse


Aged metal dovecote inspires vintage garden or home decor.

More of decorative birdhouse, it's not to say some songbirds may very well take up residence. Doves on the hand... most likely not. Common mourning doves we usually see prefer to nest in trees and some very precarious places too.

Dovecotes were originally used to house domesticated pigeons way back in the day. But no worries, pigeons certainly won't be heading to your place for this dovecote bird house!

If placed outdoors, the birdhouse should be mounted in a shady or sheltered area in case birds do decide to raise a brood or two. On the porch or indoors, it's a substantial rustic accent with aged metal finish.

Earthy tones blend with landscape, features textured metal A-frame roof with contrasting rusty patina finish, notched back for easy hanging.

Unique birdhouse with weathered style adds vintage character, well suited for home or garden.

Measures 19.5" x 19" x 8
Item Weight 3.0 lb.
Material: Metal
Oversize item incurs $15 ship rate