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Pottery Bird Bath/Feeder


Hanging Bird bath provides necessary bathing and fun time for your birds, makes a swell multi-use bird feeder too!

Fresh water in the garden attracts more songbirds, and keeps them coming back. Glazed inside and out for easy cleaning, helps water stay cooler on warm days too. Raised sunflower design is helpful for little birdie feet to land and perch safely. Unique hanging birdbath includes 20" heavy rope hanger with large s-hook for easy placement.

Shallow depth is 2" at center of bath, perfect for birds to bathe and wade comfortably. May also be used as a feeder in cooler weather- a rain guard or baffle is recommended. Offer birds a variety of treats like suet and nuggets, peanuts, meal worms or seed mixes.

Pottery Bird Bath/Feeder is a stylish addition to the landscape with hombre turquoise tones and fun design, it's bird-approved!

Measures 12" diameter x 2.25" tall

20" Hanging Rope
Item Weight 4.2 lb.
Material: Clay/Glazed Pottery

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