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Sparrow and Starling Trap-2 Compartments


English House Sparrow and European Starling Trap

To ensure successful broods of bluebirds, purple martins and tree swallows, eliminating sparrows and starlings may be necessary if these species thrive in your yard. Non-native and considered invasive, they should be discouraged from your property if you're housing native songbirds like bluebirds, martins or swallows. Deemed less desirable, sparrows and starlings are known to decimate nests of native songbirds, harm and even kill both babies and adults through their fierce competition for nesting cavities.

Some may believe trapping these birds is inhumane, but until an attack (or the aftermath) is witnessed, one will clearly understand the need for removal of sparrows and starlings should they reside on your property.

Humane Sparrow Trap may be placed on a pole, or set on the ground, anywhere you'd like to control sparrow and starling populations. New figure-8 shape trigger instantly closes the lids on the two-side catch compartments. Gentle action, live trap is durable, with rust-proof construction that will last for years.

For more information on both active and passive control of house sparrows and starlings, please see this expert resource:

Measures: 18" x 10.2" x 6.5"
Fully Assembled