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Blue Splash Bird Bath

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Innovative tray bath is for deck, patio and more.
Attract more birds with fresh water in this cool shallow pond!

They'll love wading and drinking from the easy to clean and durable, large birdbath. Fits on a wide windowsill, deck rail, or right on the patio. Holds one gallon of water, perfect with a birdbath dripper or water wiggler. Moving water is guaranteed to entice more feathered friends, prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs too!

UV stabilized, transparent blue birdbath also accommodates a heater in winter. Fill with pretty river stones or decorative pebbles for added weight, and to offer birds safe and easy perching spots. Use the pebbles to hide the heater in winter.

Versatile for many uses, vivid transparent marina blue color looks lovely in any setting. Add a birdbath dripper for moving water and create the ultimate oasis for feathered friends. Place below a leaf mister to catch the spray and form a pool - a huge butterfly attraction!

Reasonably priced and attractive, the Splash Bath is durable for many seasons of use and enjoyment. Made in the USA

Measures 8" wide X 24" long X 1.5" deep
Item Weight 0.5 lb.