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Lazy Frog Stone Bird Bath


For deck, table top or ground, unique bird bath is very bird-friendly, offers easy landing and perching with porous texture and thick wall.

With decorative iron frog, the whimsical style and soft hue lends itself anywhere in the garden. Handcrafted of lightweight cement mix with food-safe sealant for durability. Perfect depth for fledglings and adults to splash, preen and bathe safely.

Fresh water in the garden entices more songbirds, the Lazy Frog Stone Bird Bath ensures beauty even when birds are not present! Great for smaller spaces and feathered friends!

Measures: 11.0" diameter x 5.5" tall
Item Weight 4.0 lb.
Material: Cement, Sand, Iron
USA Made

Please note: Freezing temperatures may cause damage and/or cracking.

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