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Hanging Dish Feeder/Mini Bath Stained Glass

Pretty hanging bird feeder does double duty as a mini-birdbath too... feathered friends can sip or snack with easy perching space.

Vibrant stained glass hanging feeder is versatile for fruit or jelly in summer to lure orioles, butterflies and other migratory birds. Ideal for suet or crumbles, shelled peanuts and birdseed mixes too. Attract bluebirds with live meal worms- they won't crawl out of the smooth surface!

Fill with water to create a mini-birdbath and sipper, or add butterfly nectar with sponge to attract these flying jewels.

Decorative hanger entices curious birds to check it out with lots of perching spots. Lets them rest while feeding or drinking. Unique style with charming character is for garden, patio, balcony, porch or landscape. Hang from a branch, bird feeder pole or simple wall bracket.

Measures 12" tall x 7.5" wide
Item Weight 1.2 lb.
Material: Glass, Metal
Made in China