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Sun & Moon Stepping Stone Set


Celestial Stepping Stones glow in the dark to light a path after dusk~

For a unique garden accent during the day and after dark, Sun and Moon Stepping Stones add mystical character and warmth to your place! Stunning color glows in the dark with inviting celestial designs.

Intersection of sun, moon, and stars acknowledge life, reminding one there's always joy in nature- sans the sunshine above!

Artfully crafted circular stepping stones awaken the soul with a gentle message that in nature, there is no start or end. Connected stars and rays of moon depict our own human connection to each other, the sun, moon, and all that is present in our lives.

Set of 2
Measures 12” diameter x 1"
Item Weight 3 lb. (set)
Material: Resin/poly-stone

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