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Unique Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird Feeders all styles! Find Hand-Held Feeders and Hanging or Staked designs handcrafted with vivid color, and/or recycled blown glass. Leak-proof feeders with quality to last for many seasons... the sprites will return next year if they deem your place attractive! It's called site fidelity and pretty amazing for such a tiny migratory bird.

In addition to hanging your hummingbird feeder, learn about flowers and shrubs for attracting them, and make your own nectar with this really simple recipe. Add a leaf mister or bubbler and some nesting material to provide the best possible habitat and the sprites will grace your garden next year too!

Business Sponsor of The Hummingbird Society

Glass hummingbird feeders featuring no-drip spouts or basin/saucer designs are high quality to last for years of use. For mesmerizing close up views, opt for a hand-held or window hummingbird feeder!

Quit the pesticides in your yard as hummingbirds, butterflies, bats and bees (all pollinators) feed from flowers' nectar.

The vibrant colors and cool designs offered promise to enhance your surroundings while attracting these tiny yet mighty little fliers! The only one of nature's birds who has the ability to fly forward, backward, and vertical, they're beneficial to your yard as well... consuming small insects as part of their diet.

More ideas to entice hummingbirds include Hummer Helper Nesting Material, it's actually endorsed by The Hummingbird Society. 

Misters and drippers are a magnet for the sprites, and for butterflies too - producing a gentle mist for bathing and play time!

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