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Celestial Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeders


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Ant Moats are the only solution for keeping sweet hummingbird nectar ant-free! It takes just one ant to ruin the whole batch... because hummingbirds will not drink from a feeder with ants.

Celestial Ant Moat deters pesky ants from invading hummingbird feeders... butterfly feeders and fruit and jelly feeders too! Ideal for any bird feeder offering sweet or sticky treats that attract the pests.

Features big reservoir for less filling and large hook for easy hanging, with decorative beads and clever crescent moon to hang your hummingbird feeder. No S-hooks to drop or lose! Top and bottom hangers are attached on this pretty ant deterrent.

Simply keep moats filled with water and they do their job, ants will not cross, or will become trapped in the moat because they never learned to swim!

Measures 11.8" tall x 4.7" depth x 5" diameter

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