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Barn Owl House


Barn Owl House is handcrafted in Maine from Eastern white pine. Offers ample room for mom and nestlings, complete with wood shavings to start her nest.

You'll hear no hoot from these owls - more like an eerie screech! These shelters are actually used for roosting year-round, and often times other owls will re-use old nests in man-made boxes. Barn owls also breed year-round (except in January).

Strictly nocturnal hunters, their main prey is mice, rats, voles and other rodents (but they're known to pick off rabbits and bats too). Since barn owls hunt at night, squirrels, songbirds and chipmunks are pretty safe!

Though considered very common across most the country, some areas are seeing a decline in this species' numbers due to habitat loss. Installing a nest box not only helps them thrive, it takes care of any rodent issues around your place!

Barn Owl House is complete with wood shavings, comes pre-drilled with all hardware and easy to follow assembly and mounting instructions, plus helpful information about the species.
Hand made in the USA.

Measures 26 x 18.5 x 17
Item Weight 25 lb.
Oversize shipping rate incurs $15.