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Barred Owl House Assembled or Kit

Barred Owl nesting box is an ideal way to entice these larger owls to your place.

Owl House features larger entry for easy access and single room for utmost comfort of parents and owlets. Overhang roof helps protect families from the elements while front grooves also allow for an easier grip when parents are returning with prey for babies.

Side door offers a quick & simple method for clean-out and gives you easy access for mounting a wildlife camera if preferred.

Barred Owl House comes with pine shavings for nesting material, though the raptors are quite capable of furnishing their own digs! Adding a few inches of shavings will further entice owls to claim the box and take up residence.

Exterior plywood is treated with natural linseed oil for longevity. Never use paint or varnish on the interior of any owl house or birdhouse.

Barred owls are extremely territorial so if considering additional boxes- they should be installed about one mile apart. Also best to situate the owl house away from your home to avoid any conflict... these guys need their space. Installation is easy with mounting strips that are attached to the nest box.

Nix any chemicals in the garden and entice a barred owl for natural rodent control... best to keep small kittens and rabbits indoors! Barred owls are the most opportunistic of hunters and slightly larger than barn owls. Habitat is basically damp forests and lower wet woodlands, and a range across 75 percent of North America.

With continuous shrinking habitat, you'll help barred owls thrive with a nest box suited specifically for them. Always opt for pine shavings should nesting material need to be replaced.

Measures 26.5" tall x 13 wide x 15" deep
Entry 7" x 7"
Item Weight 23 lb.
Material: Wood
USA Made