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Doughnut Peanut Feeder

A fun way to offer shelled peanuts to birds!

Feed shelled peanuts and attract more birds with this unique peanut feeder.
Jays, Woodpeckers, Titmice, Nuthatches and others will flock to the Doughnut Peanut Feeder, especially during cold weather. With its all-over feeding design, there's no waiting for a spot to eat, and peanuts offer superior nutritional quality for wild birds... especially in cold weather.

Features a durable, heavy gauge mesh hard wire, with stainless steel screw-on top, simple to fill and clean too.
Approximate 2.8 lb. capacity, the Doughnut's design allows easy retrieval of shelled peanuts, with quality construction that ensures many seasons of use and enjoyment. Entice more feathered friends with this innovative peanut bird feeder.

Don't want squirrels eating your peanuts?
Simply add a squirrel baffle above the feeder (or below if hanging from a bird feeder pole) to deny access by squirrels.

Measures: 9" diameter x 2.5" deep