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Large Citronella Bug Spirals- Set of 3

Large insect coils keep mosquitoes, gnats and other insects away from outdoor gatherings with natural citronella.

Spiral Bug Deterrents are safe for use around food, children and pets. Set of 3 coils deters bugs naturally, in rich colors; orange, blue and green for effective mosquito control. Each citronella spiral burns for approximately 150 hours (450 hours total for set).

Simply hang the incense coil in an open area and light the tip. Wait for a small flame then blow out or fan the flame. The tip should be smoldering and glowing... not on fire. Do not leave incense coil burning while unattended. To extinguish, snip off the end with scissors and place it in water.

Natural Citronella Incense allows picnics and backyard gatherings to be pest-free! Set includes 3 coils.

Measures 13" diameter x .35"
Item Weight 1.0 lb. (set)
Material: Wood Powder, Essential Oil