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Live Mealworms-Bulk Options

Live worms require overnight shipping- ensures healthy worms upon delivery!

Live Meal Worms (approximately 1" length) are bluebirds' favorite- they're packed with protein and vitamins essential for healthy growth and nutrition. Entice the most sought after birds feeding live, not freeze-dried worms. A sure way to attract exceptionally brilliant migratory birds too. We've found the only way to entice elusive bluebirds is by offering mealworms. You may opt for an enclosed, or traditional type bluebird feeder as lots of other birds will go after your worms too!

The benefits of feeding live worms include:
• Draw a far wider range of bird species in the garden
• Provide a high-quality source of protein and fat
• Adds a fun, new aspect to bird feeding
• Witness new behaviors from regular visitors
• Get wild birds to feed from your hand!

Store worms in the fridge to keep them in a dormant state.
A bit of wheat bran or rice bran will provide comfy bedding for worms during storage, they may also be stored right in box bag with ventilation. Delivered in an innovative, earth-friendly packaging that allows for minimal handling.

For other quantities, please contact us toll free: 866.478.8265.
*Please Note:
To ensure delivery of live worms, overnight shipping is required and will be added at checkout.
$26+ 5000 worms, pending location
$32+ 10,000 worms, pending location

For the following locations, Overnight Shipping is just $11.95. A refund will be processed the same day as checkout if matching any the following zip codes:
  • Minnesota (entire state)
  • Wisconsin (entire state)
  • Iowa (entire state)
  • North Dakota (entire state except zip 586 and 588)
  • South Dakota (zip 507 thru 574 Only)
  • Illinois (starting with these zip codes only)
  • 600-605
  • 607-608
  • 610, 611, 613
  • 615-619
  • 625-627

Local courier service for above areas ships on Monday only.

Summer Season Only: Cooler is required to guarantee LIVE/healthy delivery of worms. Additional cost will be applied to shipping rate. If cooler is not used- method of payment is refunded.