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Classic Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 12"


Classic feeders are high quality and built to last.  A popular model for over 27 years, they stymie squirrels once and for all!
• Sturdy metal hanger
• Weather guard and baffle
• UV resistant polycarbonate
• 4 aluminum seed ports with perches
• Baked enamel coating

Squirrel-proof feeder reservoir holds 1.2 gallons - won't yellow with age. Design keeps critters out of seed and allows multiple birds to feed at once. Weather Guard and baffle thwarts squirrels while protecting seed ports and birds from rain. Versatile feeder with larger seed ports dispenses sunflower, peanuts or mixed seed. Birds will love it... squirrels not so much!

Measures 13" tall x 8" diameter
Item Weight 2.0 lb.
Also available in 20" hanging feeder for larger capacity by BirdsChoice

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