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Circle Fly-Thru Platform Feeder-Handcrafted Steel


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Mod Fly-Thru Bird Feeder will have feathered friends flocking with its protective design and sunny color!

Large capacity, sleek bird feeder has ample space for birds to perch and dine, adds vibrant and lasting color to the garden, attracts a wide variety of birds in high style!

Retro design is handcrafted by Steven Cooper, whose works appear in galleries and museums across the country. Vivid, whimsical, and most durable, the Circle Fly-Thru Feeder will never fade or rust, its crisp lines and timeless beauty endure to delight birds and their hosts alike.

Perforated tray allows for drainage, while overhang roof protects both seed and birds from the elements. Steel hanging loop is cleverly nestled in the fun flower atop the roof.

Unique bird feeder is sculptural art for the landscape with functionality and form beyond compare. Platform allows for a variety of treats to change with seasons; offer seed mixes, suet, peanuts, even fruit for migratory friends! in simmer.

Measures: 23 x 19 x 15
Item Weight 8.5 lb.
Handcrafted in the USA
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery as each piece is made to order.