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Cool Urban Bird Feeder

$ 52.00

Hang the Urban Bird Feeder as a diamond or square... just a matter of taste as birds won't care! 

Cool for its toughness and sleek style, better for its bird-friendly design.
Fun feeder with mod appeal is crafted of recycled plastic and composite material. Offering durability for many years of use, the outer shell is a mix of clay and recycled plastic, while the removable insert is 100% recycled plastic. Non-porous texture is healthier for local feeding birds.

White pops nicely for a landscape accent, with stainless steel hole protector sized for backyard songbirds. Complete with optional perch, though not a necessity for feathered friends.

Fly-in design shelters visitors while feeding, features drainage and 2 holes on back for easy mounting, simple to fill and clean too.

The Urban Bird Feeder accommodates most seed mixes, peanuts, suet chunks or nuggets, holds approx. 1/2 lb. of seed.

Measures 6.25 x 6.25 x 6
Item Weight 1.9 lb

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