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Pagoda Bird Feeder with Multi-Levels


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Pagoda Wild Bird Feeders were designed to attract a bevvy of birds... particularly the desirable flocking songbirds. 

Multi-level design offers numerous birds ample dining space, allows feeding on all four sides and all tiers. Aggressive birds find it more difficult to land and perch- antics like hogging the feeder and bullying songbirds are minimized.

The uniquely curved pagoda roof is a great landing spot as smaller birds fly in to check out the goods, way more interesting than traditional hopper feeders. Drainage slots in the trays help keep seed dry, accommodates most seed mixes, Handcrafted of durable cedar with non-toxic weather sealant/hardener for long-lasting use.

Easy to fill and clean, simply lift the roof to fill. Seed flows down to silos and trays on all levels. The silos slide apart on the nylon coated braided steel cable, to separate for easy cleaning. Removable glass panes won't yellow like most acrylic tubes or panels, with free replacements should they ever break. A squirrel baffle is always recommended if critters are prevalent at your place. 

USA Made with superb quality construction, Pagoda Bird Feeders are functional art to entice feathered friends!

Choose 2- 3- or 4 Level Pagoda Feeder

2-level: 7 cup capacity
Measures 8.8 wide x 8.8 deep x 10.3 tall

3-level: 10.5 cup capacity
Measures 8.8 wide x 8.8 deep x 14.3 tall

4 level: 14 cup capacity
Measures 8.8 wide x 8.8 deep x 18.3 tall

Material: Wood (cedar), Stainless Wire
USA Made

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