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Art Vinyl Birdhouse on Post- 4 Designs


Art Pole Birdhouses... a tad smaller and just as cool. Vinyl birdhouse and post in one, four new 5 ft. designs for 2018!

Fly with All Your Heart and Fancy Garden are innovative bird house with post, garden art done in reproductions of hand painted artwork.

Durable vinyl features vivid color that's laminated for fade resistance. Long lasting and maintenance free to host many successful broods over the years. Special features keep songbird babies safe, cozy and right at home!

When the young ones are ready to fledge, inside kerfs or fledgeling ladder helps them out the door. 1.5-inch entry is ideal for bluebirds, tree swallows, chickadees and other songbirds. With proper ventilation and drainage, the roof unscrews for easy nest clean-out so another mating pair may raise their little ones.

Simple to install, the Art Pole Birdhouse include hidden center pole with threaded auger and handles that secure post to ground. Just slide the vinyl post over the auger pole and installation is complete. No digging or fuss, set-up in minutes, all hardware included.

Attract feathered friends to take up residence and liven up the garden with a fun birdhouse and whimsical work of art in one!

Choose from 4 Designs:
Fly with All Your Heart
Fancy Garden
Friends Forever
Butterfly Dance
4-sided art detail shown for each birdhouse.

Measures 6" x 6" x 5' tall

Item Weight 22.0 lb.
Material: Vinyl/PVC, Metal Hardware
USA Made

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