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Large Caged Platform Window Feeder

Large window-mount feeder foils pesky squirrels while offering great close-up views of birds

Recycled platform bird feeder offers great versatility in food choices too... lets you change foods according to season for more friendly fliers at your place. Birdseed mixes, peanuts, suet or fruit may be offered for birds to dine in comfort and peace. Protective cage thwarts squirrels and bully birds, those larger and less desirable ones.

Durable recycled plastic platform never deteriorates, and removable seed tray makes cleaning a breeze! Acrylic cover on this cool window feeder serves as a weather guard and lifts for fast and simple filling(feeder must be removed from window to lift cover. Protective cover keeps both birds and food out of the elements. Black powder coat metal cage is sized for most songbirds to enter and exit with ease.

Squirrel resistant Window-Mount Bird Feeder is complete with innovative mounting brackets and suction cups for super stability on your window,  attractive to birds and hosts alike!

Tray Measures 22 x 9
Cover Measures 23 x 12 x 6.5 Cage
Measures 20.75 x 9.5 x 9.75
Item Weight 2.0 lb.
Material: Poly-lumber, Acrylic, Metal
USA Made