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Copper Birdhouse Vinyl/PVC

Copper Birdhouse Vinyl/PVC

The birdhouse arrived in perfect condition and super fast and packaged with incredible care!!!

My sisters and I presented it to our mom today for her Christmas gift; when she opened the box and recognized what it was, she actually screamed!! LOL

That beautiful birdhouse made her so very happy, I cannot even describe it!!

Thank you so much for sharing your work of art! She will treasure it! And we will treasure how happy it has made her!

Have a wonderful Christmas
Sincerely, Susan N. - Braselton, GA


Peanut Feeder and Sky Cafe

Peanut Bird Feeder and Sky CafeJust wanted to send you a picture of my feeders up and running.  I really love the two new additions to my feeder collection.  So much better than what I had before.  It is like watching a small airport out there with the birds flying in.  I have a good set of binoculars that I can see the birds up close. 
Thank you again for your recommendations. 
They were spot on.
James C. - Hyde Park, NY 


Copper Roof Dovecote Birdhouse

Copper Roof-Vinyl Birdhouse


This was a birthday /anniversary gift to my daughter. It replaced one she had been using for ten tears, a very similar model. This one was slightly better than the one she had, fit on the post she already had and she was very satisfied with it. 
It looks beautiful in her back yard. The shipping was on time and it was in perfect condition. All in all, a great experience with a good product.

Charles G. - Springfield, IL

Staked Butterfly Feeder/Bird Sipper

Staked Butterfly Feeder

I wanted to contact you to say how much I enjoyed receiving my butterfly feeder and your lovely hand written note. The bonus nesting materials are already hanging in a tree. Your product assortment and incredibly personal customer service is outstanding! I promise to spread the news of your website to friends and family. Thank you for making my purchase such a pleasure.
Janice V. - Great Falls, VA.

Stone Lady Head Planter

Stone Lady Head PlanterBeth, you are so kind, in love with this planter, thank you. I look forward to having your whimsies in my garden. I know I'll be back to your site again & again. Your merchandise & I felt an immediate connection!!  Before I even take her out of the box, I have to tell you how jaw dropping gorgeous she is, I can't wait to plant her hair. Will send pic!
Blessed be,
Karen M. - Haskell, NJ


Stained Glass Bird Feeder

stained glass and copper hanging bird feederI loved this bird feeder so much, I am getting another one to replace our 2nd feeder, which also hangs off of our back deck. Look how happy these birds are in our backyard now!

Leslie C. - Vienna. VA

Recycled Table & Chair Squirrel Feeder

Table & Chair Squirrel Feeder in UseWhat a pleasant surprise to receive a handwritten card thanking us for our business and providing tips for squirrel and bird feeding. So warm-hearted and thoughtful!
I ordered the table/chair squirrel feeder as a gift for my son's 23rd birthday which is not until Oct. 30, but I just had to give him this wonderful present early.  (It's a running joke in our family. I get so excited to give presents that I can't wait for the appointed day!)  

As expected he LOVED it.  He's quite the nature lover and has already been quite tickled by the antics of our new backyard friends. We live in Iowa, so the weather will be turning soon and we are looking forward to helping our furry and feathered friends through the winter. 
Thank you again for your products. Your talent and caring are evident.  Wishing you continued health, happiness and success.  Diana D. - Johnston, IA


Copper Roof Fly-Thru Feeder

Copper Roof Bird Feeder-Post MountMy name is Elaine. You worked with my husband, Ed during the Christmas season to make sure he gave me “just the right” feeder as my gift this year.  If you recall, the original one he purchased was just too big. {lovely, just too large} and you most graciously walked him through the return effortlessly.  And you provided us with some complimentary seeds, too!!!  Thank you!!

Just wanted to let you know that I am tickled with the finished result; we see a wealth and variety of birdies throughout the day: always beginning at dawn with Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, and then hearing their chirps goodnight as they are the last to leave for the evening. In between, we are visited by finches, nuthatches, several very polite woodpeckers, wrens, titmice, the occasional bunting, and about 30 other types I am still learning about! Our kids, 12 & 15 still delight in seeing who is at the feeder during breakfast, dinner, and at various times when they walk by the window.  What began as Mom’s little hobby, has become an entertaining family pursuit...

I love that it doesn’t require electricity, batteries, or have an on/off button.

Thank you again for providing a wonderful product, and even better customer service.
We will most certainly recommend you to friends, and look forward to ordering from you in the future. 

Kind Regards,
Elaine Chanda- Granville, OH 

Glass Chandelier Hummingbird Feeder

Chandelier Hummingbird FeederWhat a very unexpected treat to receive not only a couple of added goodies with my recent hummingbird feeder order but a thank you note for the order. So, I had to write--to thank you! I'll order anything from you any day!

My garden is open for a garden tour in April and I plan to use your feeder--it will look much better than the one I previously used!
Betty J. - Richmond, VA

Simple Elegance Pedestal Bird Bath

Blue-pedestal-birdbath-cutomer-photoHi Beth,
Just wanted to let you know the order arrived intact. You did a phenomenal job packing everything. Thank you so much for the extra prizes! I thoroughly enjoyed the leaflets, too. The blue birdbath is happily ensconced in its spot in the garden.
Thank you again for a super experience.
Leslie K. - Hawthorne, NJ


I just wanted to thank you so much for the nice card and the extra booklet about creating a butterfly garden. The puddler is lovely and I'm sure my boyfriend's mom will love it! I really appreciate the extra personal touch you gave to this hardly sees that anymore this day and age! Thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday season!
Best, Alyson

Thanks for such quick response, things like this are what make people like me quick to recommend your site and company to others.
Thanks again,
Barry D-Cary, NC

Beth...the bowls arrived. It's so refreshing to receive personal and timely service. Thanks so much for going to bat for me on this. When spring arrives, I will spray the coating on them as instructed. Winter has descended upon Wisconsin with avenge nice already...crazy c o l d Brrrrrrrrrr.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Received bird feeder today.  Thank you for the extras and thank you for your courtesy.  It was and remains a pleasure doing business with you.
Until next time,

Dear Beth, You are simply the best. I have never had such customer service!!  Thank you so very much! I will certainly order again from you!! Enjoy the birds!!  I stood in the window this morning watching the birds feeding from their new feeder. :-)
Happy Spring!

Hello, Beth. My mom loves the feeder and told me that the birds were already checking it out a few hours after she put it up. Thank you for sending the extras. Thank you so much! I may need to order a feeder for myself! Angelica Thank you so much!  I absolutely love your site and personal touch.  Glad I found you. I'll be a customer for life.  ;-)
Best regards, 

I received my order yesterday and am thrilled with my items! Thank you very much. I will order from you again.

Hi Beth, I wanted to let you know that the birdhouse was one of the most talked about and popular items in our silent auction.  One of the silent auction organizers wanted to “buy it now,” but I insisted that it be shown on the table with your literature.  I also did silent auction checkout and saw four people leave with your literature in hand.  Two told me that they couldn’t wait to order custom made birdhouses,  I hope that they follow through.  Of all of the donations we received, yours meant the most to us because we know how much you sacrificed to make the donation.  We will be following up with pictures from the event and a formal thank you and receipt, but I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how well-received your donation was. We can’t thank you enough.

The barn swallows are not back yet.... but they are generally not far behind the flocks of robins that migrate through our area .... without exaggeration, there may be 20 or 30 on the lawn in the mornings doing their little sprint and stop bug and worm hunting. I'm sure the barn swallows will appreciate your nesting cups... we have had some nest adherence failures,.. but fortunately, the chicks were old enough that I was able to scoop them up and put them on a ledge where momma and papa finished their nurture to flight.

Thank you so much for the additional heart. The hearts & the toad house are even nicer than I pictured. I also love the dragonfly stake & the bluebird plaque. The birds thank you for their goodies.:) I've had my eye on the cowboy birdhouse for a while. It's always a pleasure doing business with you & Happy joyful Easter!

Hi Beth, I just received the two birdhouses in time for Christmas!  Thank you.  They are just perfect.  They will give my other half (and me) lots of fun bird watching and make the birds happy too.  Did you know that bird watching is a great pastime for lowering stress and blood pressure?  It has been compared with yoga in a recent article. Hope your holidays are happy ones.

You are so kind!!!! Thank you so much for the tracking info and for the extra gift. I'm sure my Dad will really enjoy these gifts, and I'll be back to the website in 2014 for more for my parents. I saw many items they would enjoy for their home in Illinois. Merry Christmas to you, Dawn Thanks for such great customer service.  You do not see that nowadays.

Beth, Got my order today and everything looks good. Thanks for the nesting materials- I do put out some of my own each year. Thank You for your personal service!!
Have a Good day,

Good Morning Beth, Wow - unpacking the box was a real thrill.  I know you have lots of customers but somehow I felt as if this box had come from a family member and packed with love. So glad you are in our zone for birding.

We just received our hanging cat feeder from you.  Thank you so much for your prompt service.  My husband had purchased the same feeder for me 15 years ago and it was truly one of my favorites. Unfortunately, either a squirrel or a cat jumped onto it, consequently breaking it.  We were delighted to find another one so quickly. Thank you for your kind words and our sunflower seeds.

Hi Beth, That's an unexpected treat. The birds stop in for a splash & I love watching them. I have just the perfect place for this new beauty. Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad to have found your site.

Well, I just received the most BEAUTIFUL bird bath in perfect condition AND really, really cool Bird Bath Fillers!!  Can't wait to set it up outside!  Will send you pics of birds at play in their new bath. Thanks for all your good help & so sorry about the hassle created with my order.  You handled it like a pro & as you said... "It's all for the birds." Take care, best of luck always!

I wanted to let you know we received the Wise Old Owls right on time like you said we would! They were a HUGE hit with my parents! My Dad couldn't get the package out to his car fast enough to make sure that it got home with him! That is all they talked about all night! It was the best gift ever. The quality of your products are awesome as well! Thanks so much I look forward to ordering and talking with you in the future! Hope I can drum up a lot more business for you! My folks are master gardeners out here and are in a bunch of clubs and know tons of people! I will get the word out of your site!  Take care and hope to talk again really soon! Friendship always, 

Actually, my wife is the one that has the real interest in hummingbirds. She came home all pumped up and ready to lure the little guys to the yard using all the knowledge she can get from the Hummingbird Society. Hopefully you and your business can be a part of her quest to become a hummingbird lady. We are starting to get pumped about these little guys, I mixed up some nectar yesterday and we are going to clean and recharge all our feeders....and get rid of the mixture we've been using.....whatever it is, it is not a natural sugar 4 to 1 mixture...As soon as we figure out what else we need, I'll be back (as Arnold would say). 

Beth, I just wanted to thank you for sending not only the bluebird house I ordered, but the extra one you had put aside for yourself, the chipped roof won't matter to the birds!  And I must say, the personal note you wrote really impressed me.  You are a “rare bird” in the business world. 
Thanks a bunch!

Hi Beth, You had asked me for a photo of the birdhouse I bought, and this is LONG overdue. I thought the snow in the background is really pretty. Our first snow day yet this year!! Enjoy! Julie Hello Beth I opened my gifts today, ordered by my daughter Caryl. I knew right away that you was someone that I would like to do business with. You wrote a lengthy personal note with my items. My gosh, that is business done the long ago way. GREAT! I think we need more businesses doing that. Caryl told me not to open the box until Christmas because you did not offer wrapping. I called her earlier today to let her know that, yes they were wrapped in Christmas paper. I liked the items very much and have placed my own order today. I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas. 
Thanks for the great service.

Hi Beth! I got the birdhouses!  Having dinner with my friend tonight who I am giving one of the goldfinches to. Long story - her Mom died 2 years ago and on her death bed said she was coming back as a goldfinch! I am SO excited to give this to her!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!  You deserve it!  You have brought so much happiness and smiles to my neighborhood! I'll let you know when the other houses arrive!

My birdhouse arrived and its soooooo beautiful.  The birds are making their way through the wreath.  Thank you so much for everything. Joyfully, Colette Beth, We are very happy with the bird houses, they are gorgeous!  I am sure that our friends and neighbors will be noticing.  I will be sure to tell them about you. I hope to be ordering from you again in the future. You made a good impression.
Thanks. God bless you.

Great!! That sounds awesome!! He will love it! Thanks again!!! Your personal commitment and friendly demeanor was wonderful!! I will definitely shop again and recommend you to family and friends!! Have a super day and God bless!!:) 

Hi Beth!! I am waiting until the bird houses come so that I can give him the mister and the bird houses together..  I know that he will love everything! I did do a lot of looking before I bought and I really think you gave me a great deal.  The free shipping was a big deal to me, some places wanted $100-$200+ for shipping!) I will be kind of sad when my business with you has concluded.  I enjoy talking with you.  Send me more pictures of your place.  I love what you did with the mister at your house.  Lots of options aren't there.  You have a lovely home; I can see why the birds like it.  Anyone would.  Keep me updated on any new products.  Do you send out a catalog?  I'll be sure to mention you to any of my friends who notice our new bird houses and mister.  I hope to hear from you soon! 
Thanks for everything!

Beth, I got your phone message last night and wanted to thank you very much for your personal attention to my order. The shipping change you made is fine with me and you adding the book and the gift wrapping is fantastic. I know Jo, my mother-in-law, will appreciate it very much. Again, thank you so much for doing all of this!
Excellent customer service!!
Take care.

Hello Beth:  Thanks for the great service and the nest materials.  So very nice of you, I love it.  You wrote a wonderful note, all the info I need, this is the way to run a business, this is one of the best responses we have ever gotten from a web store.
Thank you, Sharon