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Aged Ceramic Ground/Deck Mount Bird Bath

$ 39.00

Ceramic ground or deck-mount bird bath provides necessary bathing and fun time for your birds! Fresh water in the garden attracts more songbirds, and ceramic naturally helps keep water cooler.

In blue or black, inlay scroll design features removable concrete bird who keeps a watchful eye. Elegant and distinctive, this shallow bath ensures beauty even when birds are not present. Design irregularities are present, giving this piece its aged character.

Birds bathe naturally at ground level, but you can add height simply - by placing the bath on a tree stump, or on a pretty flower pot. Optional deck bracket allows the bath to be mounted on deck or porch rail.

Graduated depth to 2 inches at center, it's the perfect depth for fledglings to bathe safely. May also be used as a feeder during winter months.

Measures 12.5" in diameter

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