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Angel Cats Fruit & Suet Feeder with Suet

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Fun feeder includes 2 suet balls to get started right away!

Whimsical fruit and suet bird feeders are for year round use. Angel Cats offer versatility to change up treats for your feathered friends according to season.

Attract woodpeckers, orioles and other vibrant songbirds who enjoy fruit or suet. Easily skewer apples, oranges, melon chunks, grapes and more on the sturdy metal stake during warmer months, while suet or seed balls are best for winter resident birds.

Handcrafted feeders offer birds six perching spots (3 front and 3 back) to dine comfortably. Unique Angel Cat makes for a fun, yet functional garden accent too, each is hand painted with adjustable rustic wings and tails, complete with metal loop for easy hanging.

Choose orange tabby or tuxedo

Measures 11" tall x 8" wide x 2.5" deep.
With expanded wings and tail measures: 15.5" x 15"
Material: Wood, Metal
Handmade Indonesia