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Art Vinyl-Welcome to Our Place Birdhouse


Add a serious splash of color anywhere in the garden with this totally fun birdhouse!

Durable vinyl is laminated for fade resistance, it's long lasting and maintenance free to host many successful broods over the years. Hanging birdhouse has great features that make songbird families safe, cozy and right at home. Provides an ideal roost during the off-season too.

Fledgeling ladder helps little ones out the door when it's time. 1.5-inch entry is perfect for bluebirds, tree swallows, chickadees and other friendly fliers. With proper ventilation and drainage, the roof unscrews for easy nest clean-out.

Entice wild birds to take up residence in this whimsical yet sturdy birdhouse... it welcomes both feathered and people friends to your place with unique style!

Made in the USA
Measures 12.5 x 7

Flanges for pole-mount sold separately.