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Barn Owl House- Assembled or Kit

Research is in the bag… or rather in the owl house, this one's bigger and better based on the previous model.

Sturdy owl house not only meets- but exceeds the needs of the Barn Owl. Entrance hole is elliptical, with inner compartments to thwart competitive great horned owls and furry predator’s like raccoons too. End door makes for quick and easy clean-out. Exterior has been treated with natural linseed oil to preserve wood.

Owl House interior features a dividing wall that separates the box into two spaces. If a predator manages to get inside, the owls will be unreachable on the other side of the divider. Entry is positioned so that young owlets aren't accidentally pushed out of the box. as they grow eager to be fed first. Grooves (or grips) below entrance hole aid adults for easy access.

New larger Barn Owl House is complete with easy mounting system. Two strips come attached to the owl house, with a third (loose) mounting strip for your preferred location. Makes mounting easy with included stainless steel screws.

Although owls can and will find their own nesting materials, pine shavings are included as a means of enticing owls to the box. Should nesting materials ever need to be replaced, pine shavings are safest. Never use cedar shavings as the dust and fumes may become an irritant to nestlings.

You'll hear no hoot from these owls - more like an eerie screech! The owl shelters are actually used for roosting year-round, and often times other owls will re-use old nests in man-made boxes. Barn owls also breed year-round (except in January- which is the optimal time for clean-out).

Strictly nocturnal hunters, their main prey is mice, rats, voles and other rodents (but they're known to pick off rabbits and bats too). Since barn owls hunt at night, squirrels, songbirds and chipmunks are fairly safe!

Though considered very common across most the country, some areas are seeing a decline in this species' numbers due to habitat loss. Installing a nest box not only helps them thrive, it takes care of any rodent issues around your property.

Choose Assembled Owl House or Barn Owl House Kit.

Measures 24" W x 21" D x 19.25" H
Item Weight 54 lb.
Material: Exterior Plywood
USA Made