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Big Porch Swing Feeder-Handcrafted Cedar


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Unique Bird Feeder is handcrafted in durable cedar.

A variation of the platform bird feeder, the swing of course, hangs! Hand made, the excellent craftsmanship of this large hanging bird feeder is obvious upon immediate inspection. Both the birds and their hosts are absolutely sure to make this one of their favorite bird feeders. The bottom, or platform is lined with 2 layers of heavy duty mesh, so proper drainage is provided.

Generous feeding area holds approx. 3.5 lbs. of seed, dried fruit, meal worms, peanuts,or any combination you may wish to offer feathered friends.

Cedar construction sealed with non-toxic stain means this bird feeder will last for years of use and enjoyment. Complete with a heavy gauge metal hanger which is long enough to allow for rain guard or squirrel baffle if desired.

Measures 17" wide x 11" deep x 18" tall (without wire hanger)

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