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Bird Buddies Hand Carved Birdhouses


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In 3 fun styles, Monte carves a wicked birdhouse, and the nose knows these are the real deal!

The original, handcrafted in Texas, Bird Buddies are some of the most unique birdhouses around. Each is hand carved from durable red cedar, and may be left natural to weather over time, or sealed each year after nesting season. Birds enter through the character's big nose, where nestlings are well protected from predators and weather too.

Will they really use these bird houses? Absolutely... they're guaranteed to host many successful broods over the years! Perfect for smaller songbirds like warblers, chickadees, finches and wrens, with ventilation and clean-out. Bird Buddies make a fantastic nest site, roosting spot, and whimsical addition to any landscape.

Measures approximately 18" tall with a 1.25" entrance.

Choose from 3 fun characters
Bird Watcher
Lipstick Louise
Large Spirit