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Charmer Hand-Held Hummingbird Feeders

$ 26.50

Innovative and handcrafted hummingbird feeders let you train them to feed from your hand! Window feeder is perfect for catching close-up photos too.

The window feeder is designed primarily as a photo station that attracts hummingbirds right up to your window, it's an ideal way to photograph your favorite backyard visitors. Capture either perched or hovering shots by leaving the built in perch in place-or by moving the perch out of reach.

The Charmer Wand lets you feed hummingbirds by hand! Sturdy copper stake can be placed in a plant or flower pot until the birds are familiar with it. Then while sitting as quietly and still as you can, hold the feeder in your hand, near the known feeding location.

Shatter-resistant plastic nectar tubes make these feeders safe and simple to use, even for younger members of the family. The bright red plug/tube cap has a nicely grooved grip for easy insertion and removal. Unique design avoids typical hummingbird feeder leaking and dripping from expansion and contraction that happens with daily temperature changes.

Complete set includes both hummingbird feeders, two spare tubes with caps, a special cleaning brush, and instructions for use and care. A wonderfully fun way to interact with amazing hummingbirds!