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Cool Urban Bird Feeder


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Hang the Urban Bird Feeder as a diamond or square... birds love it either way! 

Fly-in design shelters visitors while feeding, features drainage and 2 holes on back for easy mounting, simple to fill and clean too. White contrast looks sleek in the landscape, stainless steel hole protector is sized for backyard songbirds. Complete with optional perch, though not a necessity for feathered friends.

Unique feeder is cool for its toughness and clean style, better for its bird-friendly design (video below). With mod appeal it's crafted of recycled plastic and composite material. Known as Clay-Plas, the Urban Bird Feeder offers a 10-year warranty.

Outer shell is a mix of clay and recycled plastic, while the removable insert is 100% recycled plastic. Non-porous texture is healthier for local bird populations at feeders as bacteria and mold won't settle into cracks or splits that wooden feeders eventually produce.

Urban Bird Feeder accommodates birdseed mixes, peanuts, and suet chunks or nuggets. Capacity approximately 1/2 lb. of seed.

Check the nuthatch in action at this feeder below!

Measures 6.25 x 6.25 x 6
Item Weight 3.0 lb
Material: Recycled Plastic and Composite

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