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Copper Hanging Fly-Thru Feeder/Bath


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Solid copper fly thru bird feeder is from the Architectural Series- timeless garden art to entice more birds.

Designed by European trained metalcrafter Vasse Vaught, each is handcrafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Unique hanging fly thru feeder- can also be used as hanging bird bath. Corner design of the solid copper tray makes it watertight. Crafted in 16 oz. solid copper, these sculptural bird feeders will last a lifetime, while turning to a natural green patina. Copper may be polished for long lasting shine and brightness if preferred. 

Complete with detachable copper hanger. Classic architectural style adds an unusual elegance to the landscape. Chew-proof by squirrels and versatile for seed, suet, peanuts or fruit. May also be used for fresh water.

Measures 7" x 12" x 7"
Item Weight 1.0 lb.
Material: Solid Copper
Made is the USA