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Copper Roof Butterfly House


Handmade Butterfly House is designed to entice all types of butterflies to your garden.

Durable cedar butterfly shelter features solid copper roof which weathers to a natural patina over time. Wood panels below roof help regulate heat inside the house, with large loop for easy hanging. Graceful contrasting wood scroll detail adorns the front. Butterfly House may also be mounted on a tree or post with with flange or wall bracket.

Remove roof to place a small branch inside for butterflies to rest upon. Adding a leaf mister and butterfly puddler to warm themselves in sun helps create the ultimate habitat for winged wonders!

Entice butterflies by offering both nectar and host plants- important for proper habitat (suggestions below), as well as setting out a simple plate of over-ripe fruit. Complete your butterfly garden with our stunning hand crafted cedar and copper butterfly house!

Best to choose native host and nectar plants for a thriving butterfly garden! Butterfly Habitat Tips Brochure included, flanges sold separately.

Measures 14" tall x 7" wide x 5.5" deep
Item Weight 2.5 lb.
Material: Wood, Copper
Handmade USA

Nectar Plants for Butterflies:

Columbine, Lantana, Milkweed, Blue Lobelia, Aster, Cardinal Flower, Button Bush, Verbena, Coneflowers, Butterfly Weed, Blazing Star, Coreoposis

Host Plants for Caterpillars:
Carrot, Dill, Fennel, Parsley, Milkweed, Aster, Violet, Wild Cherry, Willow, Sassafras, Spicebush, Plum, Poplar