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Copper Double Silo Bird Feeder


Offer up seed and water in one cool hanging bird feeder!

Unique bird feeder lets you change it up... make it two seeds, two waters or one of each depending on the season.

Innovative design with double silos have twist collar to change opening for seed or water, Circular perch entices finches, chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals and others, accommodates most seed mixes and water to attract more songbirds!

Sleek design complements garden, perfect on the deck or porch too. Easy to fill and clean, with ample perching space that allows multiple birds to feed at once.

Features antique copper finish, large glass tubes with bottom finial and matching decorative scroll hanger. Each tube holds 22 oz. of water, or 1.15 lbs. of seed to keep your birds dining in style!

USA Made

Item Weight 4.80 lb.
Material: Glass, Metal

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