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Bull Dog Ceramic Birdhouse

These cool birdhouse are handmade one at a time, send us a picture of your bully as the model for a custom house-no added charge!

Safe outdoors year-round, providing a perfect nest site in spring, and swell roosting spot throughout the year. Expressive, whimsical and functional, this clever canine features an easy clean-out, proper ventilation, and a slot under the chin for an optional perch- though not required for birds.

Works best beneath the eaves of your home or garage, on a deck structure or garden arbor. Installation is simple, requiring only a screw or roofing nail.
A real conversation piece that's guaranteed to bring a smile, these clever canine birdhouses arrive with a wicked sense of humor!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Measures approximately 9-12" tall x 8-9" wide
Item Weight 9.0 lb.
Material: Clay/Pottery
Handmade USA