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Gotham Bat House-Vinyl/PVC


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Vinyl bat house features quality above any wooden or composite houses on the market! A single bat can eat up to 1200 mosquitoes per hour. Control gnats and other flying pests the natural way, lose the pesticides and notice an increase of friendly fliers in your yard.

Large bat shelter will endure the most extreme climates and weather conditions with little to no maintenance for many years to come. Accommodates up to 65 bats with sturdy mesh on the landing pad and interior walls to facilitate landing and roosting. A small opening across the front of the box creates ventilation to help stabilize temperatures in warm weather.

PVC is inert - will not warp, crack, peel, split or mildew. Excellent at reflecting sunlight, white color helps to further cool this bat house too.
Mount on a tree or any flat surface about 15 feet above ground, your new bat house may even be pole mounted.
Made in the USA

Measures: 24 tall x 10 wide x 4.5 deep