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Hand Crafted Terra Cotta Birdhouse

$ 50.00

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Clay Birdhouse is handcrafted in an artful design and vibrant hues.

Unique bird home offers shelter for roosting on cold nights, and a comfy nesting spot in spring. With lifting roof for easy nest clean-out, it features ample distance from entrance to floor, helps protect nestlings from predators and weather.

With 1.5-inch entrance, this artsy clay birdhouse will host many successful broods over the years, great for chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, Carolina wrens, maybe even a downy woodpecker!

Functional art for the garden, this hand crafted birdhouse is complete with sturdy twisted metal hanger and s-hook for easy hanging.

In verdigris only
Measures 11" tall x 7" diameter base