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Clipper Bluebird Birdhouse


Unique bluebird house is hand crafted from Mango wood. See video below to learn more about this wood's benefits.

The Clipper Bluebird House is part of a sustainable and beautiful, hand crafted collection. Sculpted from the harvested trunks of the Mango tree, this unique bluebird house is glazed several times with a high quality, non-toxic polyurethane to ensure many years of use and enjoyment.

With its 1.5-inch entrance, this beautiful bluebird house features a locking, removable roof for easy cleaning, and drainage holes in bottom to keep nest dry. Ample distance from the entrance to floor helps keep nestlings safe from predators.

Designed specifically for Bluebirds, the Clipper Bluebird House will ensure many successful broods. Create a welcoming habitat year-round for bluebirds and other cavity-nesting songbirds in your backyard! When not used for nesting, birds will find this unique birdhouse a swell roosting spot too.

Measures 12" tall x 9" diameter

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