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Huge Hand Forged Daisies

Keep flowers in the garden year-round!

Large whimsical daisies add magical charm to any setting, deserves a double-take as their gentle curves and natural form are magnified for grand display.

Unique garden art is created by cutting steel plate with a hand plasma torch, then shaped over a coal fired forge and weld fabricated. After its creation, each sculpture is moved outdoors to develop a natural rusted patina finish. The rusting process is assisted by natural salt air breezes of the gulf just a few miles away.

Fun garden art is designed to rust and will last for many years, commanding attention when greeting your visitors!

Pieces can be lightly coated with a clear, flat oil based enamel paint to offer more protection from the elements. Never use polyurethane or lacquers on outdoor pieces. Sold as set only, made in the USA.

67" t x 24" w x 6"
50" x 23" x 9"
Item Weight 28.0 lb.