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Jagunda Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder


The Jagunda Squirrel Proof bird feeder with Optional Auger by Droll Yankees.

Squirrel proof, weather guard and pole mounted bird feeder all in one.
Great platform/hopper style feeder attracts more more squirrels.
Big seed tray allows more feeding space for multiple birds and baffles squirrels at the same time.
Weather guard on top protects seed and birds from rain.

68 inches tall, the pole consists of two 46 inch sections.
Place feeder at any spot on pole with sturdy screw clamps.
8.5 inch seed reservoir features 8 seed ports with adjustable flow.
Complete with steel auger for level and sturdy pole placement.
Holds approximately 6lbs. of seed.
Durable polycarbonate won't yellow with age.
High quality squirrel proof bird feeder system will last for years of use and enjoyment.

Measures: 18.5 diameter x 68 tall
Item Weight 10.0 lb.