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Large Capacity Triple Tube Bird Feeder-Die Cast Ports

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Powder Coat Metal 18-inch Triple Tube Feeder in Hammered Silver-Tone

• Large Triple Tube Bird Feeder features a Lifetime Warranty!
• Precision molds are used for die cast construction, ensuring perches and seed ports' consistent and flawless fit.
• Metal seed ports are securely bolted to the seed tube, chew-resistant and indestructible by squirrels!
• Polycarbonate tubes are formed using break and shatter resistant material.
• High quality, durable finish extends the life of this large tube feeder.
• Offer a variety of seed mixes, black oil sunflower, or sunflower hearts to entice more birds.
• Pop-Top removes for easy filling.
• Six perches, plus seed tray (with drainage) provide ample space for birds.
• Capacity is 9 to 10 lb., depending on seed mix
• Lifetime Warranty

Attract a variety of songbirds and keep them around with this large capacity bird feeder.
Measures: 21 tall x 9 diameter
Weight: 2.7 lb.