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Mealworm Jail Feeder- Recycled Plastic Bluebird Feeder

Deemed the Bluebird Jail Feeder... it's designed just for Bluebirds.

Innovative caged feeder is made for bluebirds, keeps larger birds out and saves live worms for your blues. Bluebird Feeder may be pole or post-mounted or hung. It should be placed about five feet high, preferably in an open area with trees nearby for perching.

Recycled plastic is impervious to the elements, easy to clean, and long lasting! Features 1.75-inch entries on each end, and caged grid openings which measure 1.5".

Save precious mealworms for bluebirds, and help parents train babies to learn the feeder by leaving the lid open so they can start feeding on their own!

Made in the USA
Flanges for mounting sold separately

Measures 14." x 10" x 9"
Item Weight 4.0 lb.
Material: Recycled Plastic, Metal