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Single Chamber Bat House

Single chamber bat house with innovative design and craftsman style offers shelter for roosting.

Wooden Bat Box accommodates approximately 30-40 bats. Cut-away design with rough sewn landing pad for easy grip, bat house features excellent insulation for a safe and cozy roost. Open design makes it easy to monitor clean.

Bat Shelter comes ready to mount on a pole, post, structure or tree. Recommended height is 12 to 20 feet with clear entry for easy access. SE or SW facing exposure is ideal.

The flying mammals consume thousands of insects nightly, greatly reducing mosquito activity in the landscape. One of nature's top pollinators, you'll attract brown bats with proper shelter for roosting.

Install a bat house to entice these pollinators to your garden and reduce mosquito populations naturally!

Measures 16 x 7.4 x 4.3

Item Weight 2.5 lb.
Material: Wood
FSC timber certified (a global forest system certification).