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Oriolefest Oriole Bird Feeder

Oriole Feeder does triple duty!

Offer Orioles all of their favorites in one sturdy feeder, accommodates nectar, half orange and four places for jelly.

Grape jelly's preferred, nectar capacity is 12 oz. Bright orange color entices stunning Orioles, Flickers, Woodpeckers, Cactus Wrens and even Hummingbirds. Trays will also dispense meal worms during the off-season

Oriolefest feeder features a built-in ant guard, simple to fill or clean, UV stable, dishwasher safe and freeze proof. High-impact poly-carbonate guarantees this
Oriole Bird Feeder will last for many years of use and enjoyment.

Choose Feeder Only or Feeder with Weather Guard