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Peace Pedestal Bird Bath- Retired Design

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Nature's hues and large diameter bowl grace the garden while attracting feathered friends for a nice dip and quenching drink!

Keep birds coming back to your place with the Peace Pedestal Bird Bath- because fresh water is the most effective way to attract songbirds.

Features large stainless steel basin with colorful 5x5 vinyl base. Simple to install with hidden auger, it secures the vinyl post to ground in a snap. Just slide the hollow pedestal over the auger and installation is complete. No digging or fuss, set-up in a few seconds.

Generous 18-inch diameter hand hammered copper bowl features a molded collar that fits snugly onto art pole, no worries of breakage or damage from pesky critters.

PVC Art Pole features reproduced hand painted artwork by Stephanie Burgess, laminated for fade resistance. Ideal for year-round use, unique birdbath accommodates a heater in winter, and/or a solar fountain or water wiggler in summer to keep water moving.

Durable and maintenance-free Art Vinyl Peace Pedestal Birdbath will have birds flocking to your place in no time at all- and through all seasons! 

Measures 31" tall x 18" diameter with 5" x 5" pedestal
Item Weight 18.0 lb.
Material: Vinyl, Stainless Steel
Handmade in India- Bowl
USA Made - Pedestal