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Recycled Window Bird Feeder-Small

$ 19.50

Small window feeder in bright red makes for a fun way to feed the birds!

Poly-lumber from recycled plastic won't crack, split, fade or chip, Color is solid all the way through and retains its vivid hue. Sloped roof protects seed from elements, while a simplistic design allows great close-up views. Stainless steel screws and 1/8-inch thick plexiglass ensure this window feeder will last!

Easy to fill, clean and maintain, it mounts to your window using two sturdy silicone suction cups. Designed for use with seed mixes, shelled peanuts, suet & crumbles, even fruit or mealworms to entice some new feathered friends. Perfect for small spaces, this fun window feeder holds 1 cup of seed, made in the USA.

Measures 5 x 5 x 2.5