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Small Log Birdhouses

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Rustic Cabin Birdhouses give fallen trees back to the birds!

Amish handmade of recycled wood and salvaged bark with pitched metal roof to thwart rain and keep babies dry. 1.25-inch entry is ideal for smaller nesting birds like chickadees, nuthatches, house wrens and others.

Natural bark exterior enhances the rustic style for a uniquely aged garden accent. Recycled metal roof removes for quick nest clean-out, with large wire hanger for easy placement in the landscape or on front porch. Bird House may also be pole-mounted (flanges sold separately).

Log Cabin Birdhouse provides the perfect nest site in spring and roosting spot for colder months. Feathered friends will flock staking claim to this cozy home! Durable for many years of use and happy avian families, makes a most unique birdhouse gift.

Perch no longer included... they're known to attract predators. Plus the nesting birds do not require a perch.

Measures 9" x 6" x 7"

Item Weight 1.5 lb.
Material: Wood, Metal
Handmade USA