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Solar Fountain Kit-SunJet

$69.00 $79.00

Solar Pump Kit is ideal for bird baths, decorative bowls... anywhere you want the soothing sight and sound of moving water. Hummingbirds are attracted to the movement and love to bathe in these fountains too! Best of all there's no operating costs.

Maximum spray height is 14 inches, with 3 different fountain heads, works as a bubbler sans attachments. Operates in full sunlight, can be placed under water or floats on water surface. Options depend on the water depth and type of reservoir used. For shallow depths, the under water assembly is best suited. For deeper bowls or ponds, the floating assembly is perfect.

Solar panel can be mounted with ground spike or wall/deck bracket, all hardware included. Panel must receive direct sunlight, the fountain will not work if panel is shaded. Fountain can be placed anywhere within reach of the panel's 8-foot cable. Anchor sack keeps pump stationary, fill the sack with stones to limit pump's movement.

Cable length is 8 feet from fountain to solar panel.
Manufacturer's 2-year warranty.
Bowl not included

Measures 9.25 tall x 3 wide x 4 deep
Please note: Frost will damage pump, it must be removed and stored inside if the water is likely to freeze.